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HCG And The Importance Of Science
AnuMed is focused on the science of its products at a level which goes way beyond what other companies are doing or are likely to do. In fact, most HCG companies don't even control their own manufacturing, let alone conduct any scientific research associated with their products.
As far as we know, we are the only manufacturer of homeopathic HCG that is investing into the science of HCG as a fat release agent. Such research is extremely expensive which is one reason why no-one else is doing any validation of their homeopathic HCG.
About twelve months ago, AnuMed sought and obtained IRB (Institutional Review Board) approval for a human study on HCG. This study is being conducted for AnuMed by the American Medical College of Homeopathy, the most prestigious homeopathic medical institution in the USA. The results are proving the efficacy of AnuMed's eHCG.
Now AnuMed is about to enter into a serious marketing effort to market its homeopathic HGH and its various homeopathic growth factors all of which are supported by completed double blind placebo controlled clinical trials. This clinical work has lead to proof that these products are highly effective at addressing the symptoms of a wide range of health problems and diseases. AnuMed owns the patents on all of this research. Any other company that manufacturers homeopathic HGH are doing so in breach of our patents.
AnuMed is motivated by its long term commitment to its products and to its clients and unlike other HCG companies, AnuMed is ideally suited to developing the science. Other than its in house scientists and researchers, the company has access to its internationally recognized board of scientific advisors headed by AnuMed's Director of Fundamental Research, Dr Rene Ryba MD. As an aside, AnuMed is developing a method to evaluate the efficacy of homeopathic products which amongst other things will be used to scientifically compare the effectiveness of one product with another.
AnuMed is serious about its products and unlike its competitors, is investing heavily into the science and validation of everything it manufactures. For a homeopathic product to be legal in the eyes of the FDA, the company must possess adequate scientific evidence to prove the safety of its product and as well, formal clinical evidence that shows that the product works for its intended purpose.
The FDA will not accept anecdotal evidence as scientifically valid. The fact is that few if any, other than AnuMed are addressing the science to validate their HCG and other homeopathic products.
Those that are planning a weight loss regimen using homeopathic HCG should be concerned if they are using a homeopathic HCG from a company that has no formal science to back up their product.
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