Hearing : Cleaning Your Ears the Right Way

Following an increase in enquiries, Hidden Hearing has issued advice on cleaning ears and preventing long term hearing loss in the process.

The ear canal has cells within it that produce cerumen, otherwise known as ear wax, but a build up of this can sometimes lead to temporary hearing loss and pain. Hidden Hearing explains how this can be dealt with safely:

• The amount of ear wax produced by the ear varies from person to person and some people will experience build up at a much faster rate. Ear wax should naturally fall out of its own accord but excessive build up can be removed by a GP with a painless process called syringing.

• It is important to remember that nothing should be inserted into the ears to remove dirt, debris or wax – including cotton buds. According to the head of the Ear Nose and Throat department at St Barthlomew’s in London, 25-50% of cases are ‘traumatic perforations’ caused by direct injury such as a cotton bud being used to clean the ears.

• The outer ear, (the viable part) should be cleaned with a wet facecloth. The ear canal (non-visible) does not need to be cleaned in most cases and will be naturally loosened by water during hair washes and showers.

• Hearing aids should be regularly cleaned of wax according to care instructions.

Hidden Hearing

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